GD Topics

Latest GD topics

Factual GD Topics are:
a) Unique Identification Number
b) Cold War
c) Is terrorism the price we have to pay for democracy?
d) Globalization and Privatization
e) Is Mixed Economy preferred?
f) MBA or PGDM?
g) Privatization of Universities/colleges/schools
h) Does India need a dictatorship?
i) MBA in India is overrated

Abstract GD Topics are:

1) A Teardrop on my guitar
2) Where there’s a will, there’s a way
3) 26 Alphabets
4) Infinite Numbers
5) A Walk to Remember
6) Six Billion and One Gold

Argumentative/ Controversial GD topics:

1) Reservation should be removed
2) Quota System should be abolished
3) Maintaining brotherhood is a social obligation
4) Beauty Pageants give a wrong impact on the women of India
5) Politics in India
6) Reality shows- Should children be banned from coming in such shows?

 Opinion Seeking GD Topics:
1) Women – boon to the society or bane to the society
2) Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage
3) Nuclear Family or Joint Family

Current GD Topics:

1). Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. 
2). Is FDI in retail good or bad for India? 
3). Is Social Media an inevitable part of marketing? 
4). Can social media be controlled? 
5). Should Lokpal bill be passed? 
6). Performance of our Parliament is worth criticizing 
7). What can save Air India? 
8). IT industry is going to create huge job opportunities in India this year
9). Narendra Modi goverment

Case Based Study:

Under a case based study, a situation or a scenario is left to students for an open discussion. The information about the situation will be provided to you, a problem regarding the same situation will be given and all you will be asked for is to resolve it.
GD Topics given during this type of discussion are more management related. For example: the panelists might give you a situation which could be a conversation/argument between an employee and the boss, etc. 
These are open-end discussions, wherein nobody is right or wrong, using their thinking ability they decide what they can do in such situations. 
The panelist under the case based study, look for the decision making skills, his/her ability to work in a team etc.

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